T3-BB Arm: AO type changes

After upgrade to 50.1 firmware from very old one I figured that my AOs after a few days of work change their type from 31 to 34. I can change them manually (from T3000, by Ethernet) back but after a few days they reverts to 34th type again. The same issue with T3-80 after update about an year ago but it was not so important for me.

My understanding is you set the range to 0-10V but somehow the outputs show up as 0-100% on their own.

The only thing I can think of to check over is the program file, update T3000 to the latest version which is Jan11, 2019, then save the program and load it back to the T3 controller.


Dear Maurice,

I don’t have any code on T3-BB. I use it as IO extension only. It changes to 34th type after a few days of perfect work as 31th type without any interaction from my side.

I am guessing here, but maybe the settings didnt make it into flash, you can do that by saving the program and then loading it back into the controller. You could also manually write the configuration to flash by going here:

For what its worth, we havent heard of this behavior before. Send on the prog file and we’ll see if we can duplicate the issue here.

There is no program inside. I use it as ModBus IO for Codesys based PLC on Raspberry PI.
I never use mentioned function to write configuration of flash with old firmware and it worked well. And moreover: T3-80 have no such functionality to write on flash.

The T3-8O indeed stores its configuration in the flash, that is how it will know the range for each input and output. Show what you have set up here please, the view from the T3000 interface. Once you have it set up here it should not change for years, it will survive through a power outage and firmware update.

Now everything is OK. But after a few days it will change to type 34.
And please check the message on second screenshot which appears on T3-80 configuration at ‘Write into flash’.

After a few days of work I noticed that input counter reset by itself and on the same moment outputs from 47 to 64 get wrong names (Cyrillic symbol ‘я’). Outputs type is still OK, but let’s wait for a few days more.

Some of the inputs are counters. Could be a clue Aleksei, Chelsea will see what we can here in a similar test setup.



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