T3-OEM Documentation

I am working with T3-OEM controller.

Can you please point me to more detailed documentation on:

Setting up the LCD screen displayed parameters.

24VDI inputs: How do they function? Limits? Modbus registers to view their values.

Thank you.

LCD: Vars, 1, 2 and 3 are the ones to work on. You configure them and the changes are reflected on the display.
DIs: In the help system you will find info on connecting various inputs to our controllers. Hit the F1 help key and search for ‘inputs signals’. Basically speaking, the inputs can accept up to 10VDC so you would need to divide that down with a resistor divider. Then go to inputs → range → ON-OFF area, there’s lots of options there for other wording and reverse logic.

Modbus: Use our T3000 application, then navigate to → Tools → Register Viewer. You can see the current value and name of all the registers.