Please Help me setup for T3-OEM

Dear all,

I’m Thuy from BMS Team of BKIC in Hanoi VietNam.

I’m connecting for T3-OEM controller as bacnet ms/tp device. On T3000 software i see it as Tstat10 controller. Is this correct? Besides, i need some help as below:

The first, after connected with controller i see T3000 software show a lot of input, output and variable as fig1. How can i only see real points of controller?

The second, I want to display on screen IN1 value(may be temperature or pressure or CO, …) instead of IN13 value as default. How can i do it?

The last, please send me full user guide of this controller.

Pls help me. Thank you so much!

The inputs and outputs you saw in the T3000 contains both internal IO points and virtual IO.
you can select LCD config.

It is a simple document for Tstat10
Tstat10Rev1.pdf (2.2 MB)

Dear Mr Chelsea,

i got it. Thanks for your kind support