T3-32I input configuration

I have a T3-32I with a mixture of input configuration types–10K, raw data, and OffOn. None of them are reading the data back correctly, 10K celcius range configured will read a negative number, RawData will read negative numbers, and OffOn reads various decimal numbers, but if I change the 10K inputs range to 10K Farenheit, I get the correct temperature in celcius.
According to the manual, the range for each input, register 228 correspond to ch1.0 = raw data, 1 = 10K Celsius, 2 = 10K Fahrenheit ,3 = 0 - 100%,4 = ON/OFF, 5 = OFF/ON, which is the same as the other T3 modules I have. I am reading back the values, starting with register 228, and they are correct on the device. Are there any other places that the input configuration is done, or is it possible that the input configuration is corrupted somehow?

Could you connect with the T3000 software and have a look from there, it will give you the ‘big picture’ view while you work out the details for integrating at the lower modbus register level. Connect over Ethernet, scan for devices and then click on the ‘Inputs’ icon at Tab1. The range is set in the dialog which pops up from clicking on the range setting at Tab2. Also pay attention to the signal type setting at Tab3, it will be automatically set for most ranges but you can override the setting manually for 4-20ma, 10V and other sensor types.

You can read back the modbus registers while adjusting these settings from the GUI. Standing by to help more.