T3-Nano MSTP integration to Struxureware

I am trying to integrate MSTP to Struxureware Bacnet Ip interface with the T3-Nano. I can see the T3-Nano in Struxureware Bacnet Discovery Tree and able to drag it over to the network and interact with it. For the 3rd party devices, I can see them under the T3-Nano with T-3 software and see the 3rd party under T3-Nano gateway under Struxureware discovery window.
When trying to drag the 3rd party device over, I would get an error. What would I need to do to to be able to bring the 3dry party device over?

Sounds like we’re close. If we can get a trial of Struxureware we can do some tests here. Or if you can do a wireshark capture of the network activity while this is going on perhaps we can spot something from that. We can do a teamview session with you while you’re on site if we’re still having troubles. Make sure to have wireshark set up and running in the system on the main ethernet and also on the MSTP subnet and we’ll connect with you. Hree’s how to capture MSTP traffic with wireshark: https://temcocontrols.com/troubleshooting-bacnet-mstp-traffic-wireshark/