T3-22 Input problem

We have a new T3-22 with latest firmware and none of the inputs have reference voltage.

Jumping the inputs doesn’t change the value or turn on the front light.

Thanks for your efforts with the gear Ken. Please make sure you have downloaded the T3000 front end, this is how you normally will first configure the 22i. Here is where you set up the input ranges and signal type. Click on the range column to bring up the range settings dialog at Tab1 and also set the signal type at Tab2. Some of the ranges will automatically set the Signal type, such as the dry contact on-off and 10k thermister ranges, these both MUST have the signal type set to thermister/dry contact so the ‘signal type’ setting will be done for you automatically.

Other ranges such as the custom table ranges starting at range=50, these may operate off a transducer signal of 0-5V, 4-20ma or 0-10V, so for some range settings the ‘signal type’ setting must be taken care of manually.

Hi Maurice,

Working with a batch of early release T3-22’s we never used. Dusted them off a few weeks ago and updated the firmware for a high density Input application we had. First two we deployed worked perfect. The one we setup today has issues. Set the inputs to type 12 for our DI points and like I said jumping the Input didn’t change state in T3000 and no light.

Ken Rackowski

No known issues like this yet Ken… you could try the inputs up around 20, 21, 22. Inside these T3-22i units there are two mux modules, one for the lower bank of 12 or so inputs and another for the second bank from 13 on up.

You could try connecting to a thermistor or an analog signal and see if you can get any action out of the input that way. Make sure to set the range and signal type to match your signal of course.

Other than that, we may have to get the unit back here and on the bench.

This was from my tech on the job:

As you go up from input 22 the input on the other side closes. 21=5 20=4 19=3

Remember the units I have were the 1st to ship.

Ken Rackowski

Not clear what you mean there about 21=5 etc. Is the label wrong possibly?