Problems with Input Configuration

I am having 2 Problems with the Configuration of the Inputs

  1. On the T3-80 and T3-22i i can’t switch the Signal Type from Thermistor Dry Contact to 0-10V Signal when i change it it switches back to Thermistor Dry Contact by itself

3.) On the T3-80 i have another Problem for one the most recent Firmware Rev32 is not working and the LED’s of the Inputs are blinking randomly if installed. With the Firmware before Rev28 that all Input LED’s are on and the Inputs don’t correspond to the values in the field and are always on

Question 1: Signal type setting
T3-8O and T3-22i will do their best to select the signal type automatically, according to the range field setting. For example, if you have selected a range as On/Off then the signal type field will automatically jump to ‘Thermistor/Dry contact’. So to change the signal type to 0-10V then you need to select the range as one of the custom ranges as shown below, click at Tab3 to bring up the range setting dialog, select range= 50 at Tab4 which corresponds to the custom ranges, then set up the low (zero volts) and high (10 volt ) readings, in my example we have set up a 0 to 100 inch Wc pressure sensor which operates over 0 to 10V.

question 2: LEDs acting up.
Regarding your input LED flickering issue, this cropped up in a recent rev, please update the firmware by using T3000 → help → check for updates → download firmware & update.