T3_22i Configuring Inputs & Updating firmware


I have a batch of new T3_22i modules, and was doing some pre-engineering / testing when I ran into the following issue:

I have (4) 10k3 thermistors hooked to inputs 1, 2, 3 & 4
Using Firmware shipped with module = REV38.xxx, inputs read good.

Updated firmware to latest (REV40_6.25)
-inputs no longer read (showing value 2.98)

Downgraded firmware to (REV39_6.6)
-inputs no longer read (showing value 2.98)

Downgraded firmware to (REV38_2.19)
-inputs reading OK again

Updated: Here’s some general tips, turns out there was a bug whch Chelsea fixed as she replied below with the latest rev42 firmware.

[Earlier I wrote]: I suspect some of the inputs are configured as unused, you’ll get the 2.98V reading when there’s an open circuit / no sensor connected and the range is unused. Therange at Tab5 should be set to 10k Type2 or 3 as the case may be. Also in the inputs table, make sure the signal type at Tab10 is set as thermistor/dry contact.

It is fixed in the latest firmware rev42

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