T3-22i randomly goes into ISP mode

First let me say that I am new to the T3 product. I have 2 new T3-22i’s that I am attempting to integrate and they go into ISP mode. Also, they were shipped to me with firmware release 2.9. When I follow the screen and attempt a firmware upgrade, it loads rel 2.8.

Thank you for the message Brian, our developers will update the firmware system to get you back in action, I see there’s a Rev30 here which has not been posted yet. Here’s the direct link to the firmware folder for the 22i: Index of /ftp/firmware/T3/T3-22AI/.

I am guessing you may have got part way through an update during your testing and now the front end is asking for help to finish the update. You can get the unit into action manually by downloading the firmware from that link, then using T3000 → tools → update firmware for one device. Set up the connection parameters and path to the firmware, cycle power to the device and hit flash in the first few seconds after bootup.

While we’re at it I have asked the team to make the system a little smarter and skip a downgrade if that condition is detected.

We’ll get you up & running again here, many clients use our T3 as general expansion io for Jace controllers.