T3-BB resetting

After updating T3-BB to ver. 53.8 controller stops working. Looks like it is resetting all the time. Downgraded to ver 53.7 using ISP tool, works again.

Can’t update T3-TB to ver. 53.8 controller. Update hangs. Using ISP tool update to ver 53.7, works again.

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Could you send us on your prog file and we’ll try to duplicate the issue. You can save the prog file from T3000 -> File -> save as.

OIC i should have checked new posts first. I am using a T3-TB 8i, same issue - update through t3000 fails and messes up the device. Looks like a manual re-flash back to old firmware is the ticket for now, but looking forward to next release. EDIT TO ADD: looking in my Database/Firmware folder I see that the latest version here that was downloaded and attempted to load on the device was version 53.9
I reverted to version 53.7 with the flash tool and now all is well again.

Chelsea, this is file you asked:

539 not working.prog (65.6 KB)

today tried to update to 5.39, not working.

Sorry ,we found this issue, already release rev53.9

About the TB resetting, I believe your T3 is an older model with early version bootloader which supports only up to 256k flash images. We have fixed this in the latest firmware and ISPTool, you can update the bootloader to support 512k images. You will need to update your T3000 application and then update the device firmware. Then you can load 53.9. This will fix the issue you mentioned about time synchronization.

Prog File: I loaded your PROG and it seems OK. What sort of problems are you seeing with it.

Now looks like it works.

Hello @andrius
How were you able to downgrade your ISP version?
I attempted to flash my T3-BB and now it only resets , nothing on the menu screen and continually resetting!
I’m not sure how to clear it.

Sounds like the firmware has been partially flashed. Please search this forum for keyword ‘Unbrick’.