T3-BB boot up issue

This T3-BB (ARM) was running from July 2018 to January 2020, when because of the pandemic all HVAC devices were shut down including the controllers’ cabinets. (Seven months with no power).

After power on the device, it’s boot up was not completed. The leds continued flashing like in the “ISP” mode until recycling power once or twice. After that the device boots up normally.
I tried to update the firmware file to rev 53.1 but the problem remained.
So I tried all the files available in the ftp folder without success.

Device data:
Module Number: T3-BB(ARM)
Hardware Version: 27
MCU Version: 45.5 (updated to 53.1)
PIC version: 21
Top Version: 40
Bootloader version: 53

I tried to downgrade it back to fix it.
But Rev 45.5 ARM is no longer available in the FTP folder.

Does anyone still have the firmware file: rev 45.5 ARM?
Any help will be great.

I have loaded 45.5 to the ftp folder, it is two years old now and there is no known reason why you would want to downgrade. Perhaps your updates didn’t complete to 100%… .or some as yet unknown issue about dealing with a large jump in the time… total guesses. Let us know how your testing and updates go please.

mini_arm_rev45.5_9.19.hex (482.0 KB) Seems it does not matter with which firmware. It will enter normal finally?

Yes, it’s back to normal, but not because of Rev45.5.

I didn’t understand it… Maybe you could help me to understand what happened. And what mistakes I made.

With rev45.5: same issue
With rev53.1: same issue
Clear Device + Reboot Device + Load File
Tried to re-flash the firmware to 53.1 (selected options: Net Flash + Flash SubNode By ID). (No reason to select it, maybe one more stupid thing I did).
Re-flash failed.
Cycle power and re-flash to 53.1 (only Net Flash option).
Device went back to normal.

To be sure about it:
Power off for 10 min. After power on: normal
Power off for 1 hour. After power on: normal
Power off for 2 hours. After power on: normal
Power off for 9 hours. After power on: normal
Power off for 2 hours. After power on: normal
Power off for 13 hours. After power on: normal

That’s great, but I didn’t understand what really happened.

Is it possible to identify when my updates didn’t complete to 100%?

What is the correct way to use the “Flash SubNode By ID” option to flash firmware files?

Best Regards,

“Flash SubNode By ID” means updating firmware for subnet devices. You are connected to a T3-BB series controller over Ethernet and it passes the firmware file to subnet device over the RS485 connection. We can change the wording to make this more intuitive: “Flash Subnet Device”