Pulse Counter issue after power cycle

After power cycle, Pulse counter configured on one of the inputs, do not continue from where it was. Pulse counter goes back to “0.00”.
1- IN-2 set to Pulse Count - (Range 45).
2- Device was shipped with rev 53.1 (T3-BB).
3- Now: updated to rev 53.5 - have same issue.
4- IN-12, IN-28 - have same issue.

We are checking on this now. The count is supposed to be saved to flash every few minutes. You may lose the last few minutes of pulses after power cycle but that’s about it.

Thanks for you reply!

In my previous tests, I waited just two or maybe three minutes before turning off the controller.
Thinking about what you told me, I decided to do new tests:
1- Pulse counter increased to “12.00”,
2- One hour interval,
3- Cycle power,
4- Pulse counter went back to “0.00”.

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Pulse counter values are not automatically saved because the number of Flash erases is usually 1 million. At 5 second interval the flash would be reaching end of life after 60 days. We added the manual storage pulse counter value function in the current release and will add an auto save every hour or so later this week.

Thank you all for your support.

In fact you can save it by hand. T3000->Miscellaneous->Write into flash. Pulse counter will be saved since rev53.6. and in the next release later this week we will add an auto save after about every hour.

Auto save after about every hour will be great!
Thank you Chelsea!