Resetting the password on a controller

how do i login on the T3 NANO online it asking for login and password please help

The default setting is for passwords to be disabled so this must mean that you have set a password and cannot recall it. Here is the procedure to reset the password system: use Modbus Poll or our T3000 Register viewer, connect to the device, Register 40 , change value to 0 or 1, this will set the password system back to the default which is ‘disabled’. You will need to then cycle power to the device.

Method 1 :Select the device using T3000, Tool -registerViewer, write a new value 0 to register address 40.T3000 will clear the password

Method 2 :
After connecting to the device, write the value 0 in register 40 using any third-party Modbus Poll

Thank you, that works.

I’m having a difficult time trying to get my stat 10 to work. From the stat I can make a change on the stat and it seems the LEDs are flashing back and forth on controller T3000 on ether net to main rs485. When I make a change on the stat but nothing happen on controller it do not make a change to bring on any outputs ,but I can go to my computer go to inputs an change room temperature above the setting in cool mode and it will bring on LEDs on output on T3000 or heating but it do not make a change on outputs from stat 10 I’m using the T3Nano please help thanks DWAYNE

Its a little difficult to follow what you are saying but it sounds like you are working on programming of a Tstat10 on a subnet connected to a T3-Nano. Show us a few screen shots of what you see. Try turning an output on and off manually which you can do by toggling the output to manual mode at Tab1 and then toggling the output on and off at Tab2. This will verify that you are indeed connected and in control of the device. Once you have that working you can read the inputs and make sure those are working. And once you have both inputs and outputs working you can start on the programming. There are several examples of programming thermostats in this forum.