Remote connecting with T3000


How do I use the remote building connection feature? When clicking the Building Icon, it gives me the option to add a new building, put an IP address in etc, but when i right click, select, T3000 blows up and closes. Does this feature work? Or am I doing something wrong?


Hi Jim , This feature works ,but need set the port fowarding (Your router)

I am having difficulty with this as well.
In my case, I wish to remotely connect to a T3_22i device over the customer private network. The T3000 software is installed on a server on the customer network. When I use “Add Remote Device”, the scan shows (1) device found, but then fails stating that the remote device properties could not be read…

Note that there are no port restrictions on the network. I can poll the T3_22i device for bacnet and modbus registers without issue. I need to be able to modify some of the settings in this device, and was hoping to do this remotely.

Has anyone else had success adding a T3_22i or similar as a remote device? Is the T3_22i supported for this function?

The only thing in this case that is different from using a small local network is the fact that the server running T3000 and the T3_22i are on different IP subnets.


Hi zennove:
Recently I have repeatedly tested the latest firmware, Rev50.
After the router forwarding ports are set up, 47808 and 502, it is normal to add remote device functions.
If your firmware is not the newest ,please update ,and try again.

If you still have problems.
Can you give me more information about the firmware version you are using and the T3000.exe version?
Please send me some screenshots. Please contact us by email. We can try to help you solve the problem remotely.

@Fance hello you could help me with the Remote connection I need to implement it in my projects, for the moment configure everything follow the steps given but I cant not and I do not know that I al doing wrong my version is the 53.9 you can help me by mail?

Please refer to this user manual to make sure that the router’s port forwarding is valid. Configure the device’s IP address, subnet, and gateway correctly. If you still have questions, you can email me or our sales, we can provide Teamview remote assistance.
RemoteAccess use Port Forwarding.docx (940.6 KB)

Configure the ports this way of the router where i have t3nano connected via ethernet cable

fixed controller ip and the same configured on the router on each port

I was able to connect as you indicate but my question is this because if iam connected to another wifi network or by ethernet does not leave me or appears i want to know what is the concept of remote control of the T3000

It looks like your remote connection is working. I’ve drawn a simple diagram to illustrate the general principle

But it only works for me if I’m connected to the same controller network when I’m on the project, and I can’t connect from my office that’s what I want to know if I can and what I’m doing wrong

“But it only works for me if I’m connected to the same controller network when I’m on the project” ,
So it’s ok if you’re trying to connect remotely from the same internal network, but it’s not ok if you’re actually trying to connect remotely from the remote office, right?
The reason for this may be that your port forwarding is not fully effective, by which I mean that the port forwarding set by your router is not effective when the data arrives at your router from your office.
Sometimes network operators block port forwarding.
You may need to contact your network operator and set the light cat to bridge mode so that port forwarding takes effect

Please send me the screenshot of the following information ,The IP address, gateway and subnet mask of the router.

This is the information you request? How can I check if the ports are open, do you recommend something?

I can see we need to help our clients and users with an easy tool to check connectivity. We will work on it but in the mean time I need to ask you to get familiar with wireshark and other networking tools. Run wireshark on a PC inside the building and check for activity.