Problem Tstat7 communication with Wago controller

We installed 65 Tstat 7 in a building. We connected them through MSTP to BACNet to our main controller which is from the manufacturer Wago. From Wago software, we can see the thermostat properly and even the values.

The problem comes when we need to link the AI (temperature) of the thermostat to a value in Wago. The value is always 0. We do this with alot of third-party controller such as KMC, Delta, Phoenix, etc… In the case of Temco Tstat7, we can’t seem to make it works.


Also, we were wondering why the thermostats with motion detector (ARM) give us 218 degC while the ones without motion detection give 21.8 degC. Is there a quick fix for this inconvenient (other than programming a virtual value with /10)?

We need to adress this issue rapidly since the building is in manual because of this.

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Charly will fix this so that all devices with or without the occupancy sensor / Arm CPU report temperature correctly as 21.8C. I have asked him to also add those missing Bacnet device properties like location, max master and others.

I am not clear on the difference between “Generic” and “Native”, explain a little more and we’ll get ours to show “Native” too, that sounds better I agree.

I think the firmware is old, in earlier version, it send integer value and for new version it send float value for temperature value, please update to newest version which you can use T3000–> check for update to auto download and update from our ftp.


I bought 65 STATS7 thermostats with version 8.2 and we couldn’t communicate in MSTP with these thermostats. Today I downloader the firmware with version 8.7 and we can now communicate
with the thermostat. But I still can’t read the temperature of the thermostat with another controller, I can see the temperature on the bacnet network but I can’t read it with another controller and transferred it into a variable. Is there anything to do to
make this possible.

I try to do the same thing with a thermostat stats7 with version 7.7 and motion detection and it didn’t not work, it doesn’t say anything more and it continuously flashes. Can I reprogram

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I will need a little more info on the ‘cannot read temperature with another controller’ issue. If you can read the bacnet objects using T3000 -> Bacnet Tool -> Yabe then you should be able to read it with your Wago controller, assuming its all set up correctly: protocol, baud rate, cabling and so on. Be sure to connect with one device first, get that going first and build from there.

For the continually flashing Tstat7, you may have inadvertently interrupted the firmware update process at some point. You can recover the device by cycling power and flashing the firmware using the T3000 -> tools -> ‘ISPTool’ in the first few seconds after power up. You can see more info here: