Problem HUM-N-LCD

I’m working with a HUM-N-LCD sensor. The sensor is connected to the T3-LB by RS-485. Problems:

  1. The sensor overestimates the temperature. After switching on it shows correctly, then the temperature rises and after 20-30 minutes shows a temperature higher by 4-5 degrees. Therefore, humidity is also incorrectly determined. The sensor-chip may be installed incorrectly and is heated by other microcircuits.

  2. Could not count and record the setpoint of temperature and humidity. In cells 136 and 137 - the reading of the sensor. In other cells, setpoint did not find any indication.

  3. Could not switch to BACnet. In the sensor menu I chose BACnet, in the controller I also chose BACnet. I changed the speed of exchange. The controller did not see the sensor. The sensor started badly (“hang”, did not go to the menu and other problems, each time in different ways) to work.

  4. Modbus speed change in the sensor and controller - the communication disappeared. Everything worked only on the factory setting 115200.

  5. After a day of work, the T3000 started showing two sensors in the menu. One HUM-N, and the other as tstat 5. The T3000 constantly required to change the ID of the second sensor. Removing the second sensor did not help, after 30 seconds it reappeared. The trip did not help. I had to turn it off. Reinstall T3000. Then everything went away.

  6. In the password mode for the controller, on the password input page, I selected the HUM-N-LCD. T3000 issued an unrecoverable error and closed. The T3000 no longer started. I reinstalled T3000 (full cleaning).

Thanks for the detailed efforts there. There has been a lot of work lately making bacnet smoother to work with on the subnetworks, I am guessing an update of the T3000 front end and also of the devices is in order. You can update using T3000 → Help → check for updates → update T3000. Once you have done that you can also update the devices in the same T3000 dialog → Download and update firmware.

Havent had reports of self heating on the temperature sensors, the HUM-N model hardware has been updated with a new display so Charly will check this for you.

Fandu will try to duplicate the password issues mentioned as well.

I made an update. the sensor “broke”. only blinks. Errors during the recording was not.
it seems to me that the T3000 has written somebody else’s firmware. The sensor had before modification Firmware version 1.5, Hardware version 18, product name CO2NODE (old firmware). T3000 chose - CO2Node_Rev4.0.hex ( Send the .hex file to the mail, which is installed now. I will restore sensor function.

There is a post here in the forums for unbricking a device,

Summarizing here:
Cycle power, in the first few seconds after power up the device will be repeatedly blinking the heartbeat or backlight two times quickly, this is the bootloader period where you can load firmware. Use T3000 -> Tools -> ISPTool to load firmware, you can download firmware manually from here if you don’t already have it on your PC from the earlier efforts.

the update is downloaded. but the sensor does not work, but only blinks.

Is it blinking two times quickly (update mode) or one blink on the heartbeat LED if it has one (normal operation mode)?

I’ll get the team to send you firmware for the Co2-node directly, it went through a hardware update for new LCD and new C02 module recently so the ftp firmware site might be out of date. Send me a note via email and we’ll do that this evening when they get to work. maurice (at) temcocontrols (dot) com.

one blink on the heartbeat LED. I will send a letter.

I am not clear which device you have now, the T3-series controllers and expansion modules have a heartbeat LED. Most (all) other devices dont have a heartbeat LED but rather we’ll use the LCD backlight for the bootload mode indicator.

Two quick blips on the heartbeat LED, or two quick blips on the LCD backlight, repeating every second or so, indicates the device is in bootload mode looking for new firmware. After power up the device will be in bootload mode for about ten seconds after which it switches to normal mode with the heartbeat LED doing one blip every second or so. On devices with no heartbeat LED the backlight blips twice quickly every second or so during bootup and then switches to normal mode with the display on and status showing on display.

If a device is stuck with bad firmware or a partial firmware load it will continue resetting and starting up in bootload mode, you can recover it by following the steps shown in this forum, search for ‘recovering a bricked device’.

Standing by to help more once I understand your situation better.

I downloaded the latest version. the sensor is working. Thank you