Modbus Register for the T3-BB HOLIDAY Aunnal roution time

please teaching the
modbus Register ENCODE for the T3-BB HOLIDAY Aunnal

Have you had a look through the register list using the Modbus register viewer tool, this will be the fastest way for you to suss through the register list and do your integrating work.

Register View Reg_address is from 0 ~ 8531 (Modbus register viewer tool)
I can not find weekly roution time & Aunnal roution time
thanks for help

I see there is some confusing wordings in the register list here, ‘roution’ is a typo, I have changed the wording to ‘Schedule’. Similarly, ‘Annual roution’ actually refers to the 'Holiday calendar", I have fixed these in the Modbus Register List spreadsheet and register viewer tool for the next release.

That said, I see we are missing some modbus registers for you to work with, the actual times for the on & off events. We’ll add them in a coming release as well.

Suggestion: If you were to work in Bacnet all the parameters are available including these missing modbus times.


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