Modbus Register and Description for reset the T3-BB

please teaching the modbus Register and Description for reset the T3-BB

It will be best to use the Modbus register viewer tool when you are working with integrating our products. From this tool you can see all the register numbers and descriptions as well as the current value of the register.

is it possible to sent the modbus register for reboot t3-bb-32i
thanks for help

Should be a register in there to reset it, have you searched through the register list using T3000 -> Tools -> Register Viewer.

Also there’s a spreadsheet which will be easier to search:

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I can not find the reboot (modbus register) command in

pls help

Pretty sure we don’t have a register for that…could add it if its a big feature for you.

Related News: Our developers are working on a tooltip which will show the description of all these settings along with the Bacnet Object ID and modbus registers to make integrating easier, should be done in a month. In the mean time this may be handy for your work, each modbus register is marked near the parameter.