Lost Main Menu System Text

Have latest T3000.
There is no line for Main Menu System any longer.
All graphics symbols are there but no texts,
Any one…

Arne Nilsson

Hello Arne, long time no see. I think its been so long since you updated the T3000 that you may have to delete the whole installation and start from the beginning. You can just rename the original installation folder if there’s anything important in there.


Hi Maurice

Yes it’s been a while since last time, so it’s fun that you seem to be on the move.

For my part, I stay in the TSTAT5 area mostly with service and updating work type service agreement.

Regarding the T3000 I have completely uninstalled the old program and cleaned the register of everything with the T3000.

Downloaded the latest version (the one you show in the letter) but still the main menus (File-Tools …) are not visible.

Very strange, do you have any more suggestions?

Best regards


Havent seen this before Arne, could be the permissions settings on your PC… just a guess. Try installing directly from this ftp download rather than T3000 → help → check for updates. Make sure to unzip into a local folder rather than a networked storage location.

You could try installing in C:\T3000 rather than the default directory of C:\Program Files (x86).

Make sure to right click, ‘Run as Administrator’ when you install.

Failing this we’ll have to connect with you over Teamviewer/Skype at the usual coordinates.

Hello again

Agree that there is something with my Windows 10 installations.

Have tried reinstalling T3000 on another computer with Windows 10 and get another problem.

Basically all functions work but do not make a “Load” of a file into a TSTAT 5G.

Save as works but not Load from the File menu.

Also, you cannot make short commands for the menus type Alt-F, Alt-S if you do not go with the pointing device to the menu once because then the short commands work.

Mysterious, but I’ll try again.

If you have any idea, please come back.

Have a good one.