HUM-WF No Network Connectivity

I am trying to connect a new HUM-WF with Wifi. I have configured the device after connecting via Ethernet cable and set the Wifi SSID and key, enabled Wifi and set to Dhcp. I can see in the device Wireless configuration that it has a DHCP address for the Wi-fi adapter. However after removing the wired Ethernet connection and cycling power, the device does NOT appear in T3000 as a device, only the original HUM-WF with the wired IP address, and NO Connectivity.

Please advise how to configure either HUM-WF and/or T3000 to enable Wireless connectivity.

Regards, Steve

Pretty sure this has been fixed in a firmware release a while back. Please update the firmware over the Ethernet connection and give it another try. You will use the T3000 application to do the update, navigate to Help → Check for updates → Download firmware & update.



I have just updated the device to the latest firmware.

Still having connectivity issues over WiFi. Here is the configuration (device connected to Ethernet:

When I ping the IP addresses, the Wireless address cannot be found.

If I unplug the Ethernet connector, restart the device, and ping, now the Wireless IP ad found:

However, T3000 cannot find the Wireless connection when performing a Scan:

Please advise next steps.


I have repeatedly verified this version of firmware, which can normally obtain the IP address of wifi.
The Wifi status display is normal, possibly because your computer has limited network access, such as a firewall blocking communication, or routers and switches blocking communication