HUM-WF drops stops responding to MODBUS over Wifi

HUM-WF, Version30, Hardware Version 31, Firmware Version 11.8.

I have the sensor correctly configured for WiFi, and can be reached with T3000 and other ModbusTCP clients just fine. However, after some variable length of time with no connections (usually > 24 hours) the HUM-WF will not respond to Modbus messages. I can ping the device and get a valid Ping response, but nether T3000 or my other ModbusTCP clients can read the registers. Restarting/power cycling the device restores the proper connection operation. Please advise how to resolve this.

Thanks in Advance!


It has been 20 days since I reported this issue. Has anyone started an investigation yet?

Regards, Steve

Sorry for the slow reply, I must have missed this message. There are some known issues with the wifi modules used some of our products. The latest firmware fixes the situation as best we can. If there are still problems you can reduce the polling rate. Also use block reads as much as possible to reduce the overall number of packets moving around.

If you are still having troubles you can do a wireshark capture and perhaps we can pick something up from that.