HUM-C Looses Baud setting

We have several HUM-C device running on Modbus that we set for 19200 Baud.

When we cycle power the Baud rate gets reset to to the faster factory default.

The HUM-C devices the we installed a few months ago do not have that problem.


Please fix your HUM-C as followed steps .

  1. Download and install T3000 on your PC , update to the latest version .
    T3000 download link address :
    T3000->help->Update T3000 .

Link HUM-C and PC to the same router which can access to internet , run T3000->discover to find all HUM-C under local network tree,

Select Humidity and T3000->Help->Check for updates ->Download firmware and update , the latest firmware is REV75 .

Different part but when updating firmware. it says that the firmware cant be found on the website.

Product ID 199 is T3000 itself , when you see ID=199 , please click update T3000 . if you want to update the firmware of devices , please review update firmware guide again .

Yes I posted a screen shot of the Product ID 199 page.It did the same thing when listing Product ID 74 and T3Controller.
Its working now.