CO2 ID:210 HW V.28 screen not working after update

CO2 Product ID:210 HW V.28 screen do not work with firmware v.68
Downgreaded to v.43, and it started to work.


I think your CO2 LCD is green. The latest firmware is CO2_HUM_PRESSURE_REV43.hex.
The firmware PM25_CO2_HUM_RESSURE_REV68.HEX is for other CO2 device with color screens.

So if you flash firmware use some other modules firmware into this device, it will not work.

Since this old device shares the same product number with our latest CO2 (color LCD), the firmware downloaded by Check for Update is the firmware of color screen CO2.

So solution is to not update them? Which Hardware are color sreens?

And if 4.3 is last version of firmware for b&w screens would be good to fix
Bacnet is modbus and modbus is bacnet!

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Yes, CO2_HUM_PRESSURE_REV43.hex is the newest firmware for your product.

Thanks for your feedback , I will fix T3000.exe software .
Also, if some of your product is the latest hardware CO2 as shown below, you can use CHECK FOR UPDATE to update the firmware to PM25_CO2_HUM_RESSURE_REV68.HEX


The most recent production has the color LCD, its been in production for a couple years now.