Controller's Ethernet Port locks up on firmware 51.5

I have a problem with 51.5. On one of my controllers, the network port will partially lock up. It’s better than a year ago when you could not ping the address. Now you can ping the IP address but no data will pass. It locked up requiring a power cycle 3 times in 2 days. On prior releases, you could simply pull the Ethernet plug out and it would reset. Now on 51.5 it requires a power cycle. The Beat light continues to function normally and internal programs that do not require data from other BACNET sources also work fine. But that is still a problem for me because I rely on this T3-LB to provide outside temperature and solar levels to the T3-LB in the Chiller room. None of that data can get through when the Ethernet connection is locked up. My temporary solution was to go back to firmware 49.3 on that T3 and it seems OK for now.

Chelsea will check into this. Thanks once again Ted for the detailed feedback.

I will set up a more complex network environment to reproduce what you said. I guess these problems are caused by a large number of data transmission between panels. Although I have found some problems and have fixed them, there may still be problems I haven’t found.

Also could you describe the connection setup. I recall something about separate buildings, so just how far is that. Also you mentioned potentially there is interference from the nearby radio transmitter, do you have the T3 controller mounted in a metal can to protect against that. Any little thing may help.

You confirm that you have connected the ground for all power supplies and controllers at the various cabinets to earth.

Thanks for looking at this. Using firmware 49.3 the T3-LB (panel 5)does not reboot, but occasionally loses it’s ability to supply BACNET info to other panels.

This attached screenshot show the network points on Panel 2. It really needs data from panel 5 to determine the most efficient chilled water temperature. Normally these are all filled in. When I had 51.5 on Panel 5 it was more reliable in providing bacnet data to panel 2, but I had the problem where the Ethernet port locked up 3 times in 48 hours. That problem went away when I rolled back to 49.3.
I know that if I reboot Panel 2, the data will start to appear again. But the chiller will shutdown for a minute because Out2 will briefly cycle.
I will definitely take your advise and build a Faraday cage around Panel 5 to prevent RF or EMI interference. And I have already made sure that all panels are grounded to the building ground.
To answer your question about distance, Panel 2 is in the basement and Panel 5 is on the 8th floor. It’s a wire distance of about 150 feet.