Configuring your computer to talk to the tstat10

Sorry for such a simple question, but I cant seem to get my computer to hook up to the tstat through my usb converter

Hard to say what the problem could be with the limited info provided here but the usual methods for connecting apply:

-Make sure the USB converter and cable are known good items, connect to other devices for example.

-Make sure you have the right driver for the USB converter, there’s a download link on our product pages if you’re using a temco converter.

-If you’re using a temco converter there’s some LEDs that will show TX and hopefully RX activity when data is flowing.

-Use our T3000 application and connect to a single device to get started, hitting the magnifying glass icon should discover any devices regardless of the protocol and baud rate settings of the device.

Standing by to help more.

The usb converter is brand new from Temco. I check the devise and the computer says it is working properly. A tx light comes on when you plug it in for an instance and no rx light. I do use the magnifying glass and it search com 3 and backnet but finds nothing

i tried to reload your driver from your website to make sure that I did it right and it has given me error on 3 different computers

I see you’re describing the USB driver download link I can ask the crew to check it.

It would also be helpful to show us a screen shot of the message you’re receiving.

No RX led tells us no data is coming back. I would check the cable, reverse the leads, double triple check the connections. On these screw terminals there’s a ‘travelling cage’ as its called, a small brass piece that goes up & down and clamps the wire in place as opposed to the spring type which tends to push the wire out. Make sure your wire is in the cage and not on top of it.