2 new Tstat8's not communicating

I have 2 new Tstat8’s and cannot get them to communicate at all. I have tried every step on pages 11-13 in the Technical manual with no luck. I have updated T3000 to the June 25 2021.11 version. I set one stat on modbus and the other on bacnet. Not sure which way to turn.

I trust you are connecting to one device at a time, with one device in Bacnet it will be generating tokens that will interfere with the Modbus connection. These tokens will be visible on the RX led of the USB dongle, you should see the RX led flickering when it is connected to the Bacnet device. When the USB converter is connected to the Modbus device the RX led will not be off.

When you hit the scan magnifying glass icon on T3000 you should see the scan progressing onscreen, first T3000 listens for Bacnet packets at various baud dates, only the RX led will be flickering in this phase of the scan, when connected to the Bacnet device. After some time T3000 will start polling using Modbus packets at various baud rates, you should see the TX led flickering in this phase.

When a device is finally discovered both the TX and RX led will be flickering.

Show a few screen shots of your testing and maybe I can pick something up from that.

You can change the protocol from the keypad menu system, sounds like you have already figured that part out.