Connecting T3-OEM

We have a T3-OEM connected via a RS485 to USB to our computer. When I click on the scan, it doesn’t detect anything. On the COM7, it says that garbage data received.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what we can do to connect the T3-OEM to the T3000 software?


Try to disable the PC security and Anti-Virus and try to connect it back and search using t3000. Make sure the device is set to bacnet/mstp.

First make sure the USB driver is installed correctly, sometimes this will need to be uninstalled and re-installed and/or updated from the device manufacturer website drivers. I think we got an email from you that this is in fact what got your USB converter working. Standing by to help more.

Also: On our website we have the USB-485 converter with LEDs which are a big help when debugging RS485 communications.


I have had (still have) exactly the same situation with a T3-OEM. Check if you can see anything with the Bacnet tool.
I need to get back to this and see if I can work through.

larnold: Where most folks run into the driver install problems is when they are first getting set up with RS485 communications. Since you have been working with various devices over RS485 before then you can pretty safely assume your USB driver is working. You can also rule it out by connecting to a known good device, right.