CO2 sensor updeted to older version

I installed “new generation” CO2 sensors (Hardware version 31). Then i turned it on firmware version was 4.9, but then i updated it it became 4.3. Should i update them?

Always best to update the firmware if you’re having troubles. T3000 -> help -> check for updates.

This process will detect if there’s a new version and automatically download it to your PC. After reading the rev notes you can decide if you would like to push it out to your devices.


New version on server is 4.3 and device was with 4.9 version of firmware. So then I did update i acctually downgraded device to older version. There are no Ver 4.9 on server. It is confusing situation. Are you planing to put ver 4.9 on server?
Another small issue is that T3000 do not detect if CO2 sensor firmware is up to date, it just always update it.