CO2 REV4.0 update?

I updated CO2 sensors to rev 4.0 last week. Today i noticed that few of CO2 sensors is reading 99ppm. Then I downgrade to rev. 3.9 and CO2 level reading became normal 545ppm. After update CO2 became normal. Same happened with 5 sensors, after downgrade/upgrade cycle and setting and deleting calibrating offset, few times for sensor readings are good. I can’t say this is update issue, but i haven’t noticed similar issues before. One more change i did last week was change of Bacnet instances.

From log i see that this started to happen after i changed Bacnet instances in CO2. Flat line is the period after i changed instance, but haven’t mapped it in log. I will log more data later.

Looks like all sensors goes to 99ppm from time to time.

Problem found. Problem started because in CO2 configuration menu i selected BACnet mstp. Then i change it to Modbus everything started to work. In fact BACnet works in both cases, but then you select BACnet you get 99ppm readings constantly. (I guess that 99ppm reading means some kind of system restart).

Andrius, this is good sleuthing, better than you should be expected to do. Charly will dig deep and fix this. Thanks.