Missing VCRuntime140.dll Redistributable file

I can read CO2 values in same BACnet network by other device without any problems, so i think this is not network issue. With previous firmware versions this worked fine as well.

ProductPath.ini should be updated i guess.

All works fine with ISP tool and downloaded hex.

I tried to update T3000, i got this:
so i reinstalled 22-May-2019 software version from server and tried to update it one more time. Result is same.

Try this.

Dave, thanks for chipping in there. Indeed the C++ Redistributable is part of Windows itself, it may be missing from your system Andrius.

New Question: I am not clear what you mean by ProductPath.ini should be updated.

I thought ProductPath.ini is file in which you describe paths for update hex files. New mini arm version is 49.3, and autoupdate updates it to 49.2 version.

Update works. Thank you.

Our mistake, I uploaded the firmware but forgot to add the info to the config file. All is done now and firmware updates will work normally.

For others reading this post, here are the steps to update firmware of a particular device
-Run the T3000 software,
-select which device to be updated in the left hand tree
-Select help-> check for updates ->download firmware and update as shown below.