CO2 Node

Can’t set the device name in MSTP (rev3.5) which is problematic when you put 60 of them on a network connection and try to remember what room each of them is serving.

Can we add the ability to change the device name?


sorry, it is our old product, hardly maintain it now if it is not big bug. if you really need it, we can think how to do it.

Oh… Well I was planning on ordering 60 of them.

Jim, could you show us a photo of the item, Chelsea is saying its out of production but we will dig one out somewhere in the office. And be assured, the bacnet devices can be renamed and the info is saved after a power cycle. Perhaps on an early model with early firmware it lost this info, we will sort it out.

Ya I can. We just bought these. They are not old.
Monday will try to send a picture

Typos happen…

DO be sure you have updated the firmware, if they’re new then they should not be losing bacnet object data on power cycle.

according to what Chelsea said, it has not been well maintained. I have latest firmware in them, as what they ship with seems to be latest. If you have an updated version, I can definitely flash it, but as is, they do not retain bacnet device object name.

Chelsea is under the impression your device is quite an early model. You mentioned it was bought recently. Could we have a look at it please.