Aq-n duct combo probes

One thing I ran across while adding a number of these great sensors is the device name when in mstp mode is not persistent across power resets.
So on boot, they all revert to default. Like “humidity”
When you have a bunch of them it is hard to remember which is which just by device instance. The name, which is changeable, should be written into flash and be persistent.

Has this been addressed in a newer rev of firmware?


Also, it would be really helpful to be able to set bacnet device instance from the buttons. Yes I can change it by AV6, but then I have to go and power bump it. Since I can set MAC , protocol, and baud rate, device number should be there too.

Thanks! These sensors are rocking By the way

Pretty sure that sounds like and old issue. Do try an update. Standing by to help.

Lijun can add bacnet instance number to the keypad menu system. Thanks for the good feedback, we appreciate it.

News: there’s a new version under way with a bigger CPU and many new features. Should be in production with it in a month or so.

Ok for the combo temp and humidity sensors, which firmware file is the right one? The part numbering vs. FTP directory layout is a bit unclear

If you can connect to the device on hand, it’s always best to use the T3000 → help → check for updates → download firmware. This will be the latest version for the exact hardware you have. If you cannot connect to the device but you have another deivce of the same vintage then do an update for that, the firmware will be on your hard disk and you cna use it to update other devices.

If you cant figure it out in the FTP folder system, and you cannot connect, and you dont have a similar device then send us a photo of the PCB with the rev info and we’ll help out.

Ok, the ISP tool identifies it as CO2_Node, for the device on my bench at the moment.
If I flash to the latest file 4.0, it does it successfully but the screen just flashes after that. Previous shipped version was 3.6 i think.
Seems like there may be a different version available?
There are no other version in the FTP directory and the auto flash update utility doesnt work, so I have to do it with ISPtool directly.
Even regular T3 panels won’t update the firmware with the flash many devices and use the one click update button.
Seems broken.

It says programming successful once complete, but the device stays in update mode with blinking screen

If your previous version is 3.6, please do not update it, it is already the latest version for green screen, it is the second generation of co2_code, and it is hardly maintained now. If you say to update to 4.0, it should be the code of the first generation. Did you update it manually? In theory, it should not be updated. Now I have to ask you to update back to the original rev3.6

It always blink, means it is in bootloader, have to udpate it by hand. CO2_Node_rev36.hex (329.2 KB)

For proper integration to bacnet systems, we need to be able to name the device instances, and have that be persistent across power resets.
These combo duct/wall temp/hum/co2 sensors are great, and I hope you are not phasing them out.

I can definitely confirm that if you have the latest firmware and the latest hardware you will be able to rename the bacnet device name and it will save that info through a power cycle. From Chelsea’s comment there it sounds like you have an early early model, if you can do a test from a newer color LCD unit please do that and report back. If there’s a bacnet bug on the older device we can check into that.

I can let you know there’s a new version of the hardware coming out soon whcih supports user programs on the sensor directly. It can support some custom variables, do bacnet trend logs and send out email alarms for example. And with the two analog outputs you could control a damper or VAV for example.

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