Clear device

New here and haven’t looked at my T3 BB for a long time and would like to start from scratch. How can I clear the device of all previous data to start fresh?

Appreciate some help, thanks.


First you can update the T3000 software, do that from T3000 → help → check for updates.
Then you can also update the firmare of hte device, do that from the same dialog: T3000 → check for updates → download firmware and update.

Once you have done the updates you can go to the advanced dialog, basic info tab. The ‘Clear Device’ button is at the bottom, I had to scroll down to see it.

Thank you Maurice,

Scrolling down is exactly what I needed to do. My laptop screen made the scroll bar almost impossible to see.


Yep, I have asked the crew to move the buttons up and also to move the GSM radio modem connection dialog over with the other communications settings.