Corrupt program

I was building a program and adding line as I go after verifying that my program was working. at one point I saved an update to the T3. that save appears to have been corrupted. The program is not running and I can not open it. T3000 crashed every time I try. Unfortunately i seem to have saved this to my backup file. is there a way to delete this program?

I am not fully following you there but its easy to start fresh, just connect to the controller, hit the gear icon for the advanced settings and then hit ‘Clear Device’

yeah, that’s where I’m going. but I screwed up and saved over my backup file with the corrupt data. SO I will have to rebuild all my points.

I could send you the file to load on a T3 see what it does.

When working on a project its a good idea to save to a new file name periodically: FancoilRev3 then FancoilRev4 and so on.

i figured that out. good lesson.

any way to delete the program off the T3 so i can save a new file with out it.

Just connect to the controller and then hit the ‘Clear Device’ button as shown. Now the device has no program in it. Hope all is clear.