August 21 2022 Update locks up T3000

I updated the host software and had too many problems with the software locking up. The first input scan of a controller takes a really long time and mostly just stops there. Sometimes, if I wait long enough, I can click on another controller and then the scan locks up again.

I had to uninstall the software and install an older version which isn’t desirable but at least I can use the T3000 but have lost features transferring point information.

I tried the newest update several times before concluding it was too buggy to use. Hopefully this will be an easy fix.

Waiting patiently…


There were some changes to the underlying database which may be causing problems with the new install. If you could completely delete, or temporarily rename the T3000 install directory and do a clean install I think that will clear this up.

I will give that a try.
Thanks for the feedback.

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