What compiler does T3000 use for programming?

I get this question fairly often by email so thought I would answer one that came in today on the forum for others to see.

I have a several questions that need to ask. Please refer the following:

  1. Do you have your own IDE when compiling your program?

We use the T3000 software to manage all the Temco products, it contains all the tools you need to configure, program, set up the graphics & floorplans, and later on use it for the normal day to day management of the building. You can download it from the product pages or here’s a direct link: T3000 Software

The T3000 application is the front end for most interaction with our products, you will use this application in the begging during commissioning as well as later on when the operator is managing the building. You can integrate T3 controllers into your own environment and use your own front end but for most folks they will be using our default T3000 environment. T3000 has a programming editor embedded into it where you can make changes to the user logic running on the T3 series controllers. See below for a summary of the work flow. There is a help system available when running T3000 which explains all this, hit the F1 function key to bring up the help system.

  1. What compiler did you use?

We use our own T3000 software, it contains a compiler to parse the user programs and then send the resulting logic to the T3 controller.

  1. The compiled program did we need to upload to the controller?

While editing a program you just hit the ‘F2’ function key to send your program to the T3 controller. If there are any errors, T3000 will let you know the problem line number and give you a chance to fix the errors.

  1. Is there a way that we can get the data without modifying the default program?

The question isn’t fully clear but in general all the data of the T3 controller is available to you by polling the device over Bacnet & Modbus, both at the same time if you need it. You can connect over the Ethernet or RS485 ports and read.write all the inputs, outputs, variables and so on. There is a new option to communicate over wifi coming out in Aug 2019.

To program the T3 controllers you first connect to the controller with T3000, select the programming icon at Tab1, maneuver to the program you wish to edit at Tab2 and click the programming button at Tab3 to bring up the program at Tab4. Make your changes to the program and hit the F2 send key or send at Tab5. Assuming all went well you will get the successful send message at Tab6, the new program is now running on the T3 controller. If there were compile errors you can edit the program and try again.