New project - new program

I have some very basic questions/problems that seem to be assumed knowledge and so are not covered in any documentation I have found

I want to create a new program for a new project (is that the same as a “Building”?) starting with a blank page.

With T3000 running and connected to a T3BB controller - and an old program loaded,
I tried File > New Project but nothing happens…?

Is there a way (how?) to create a new/blank program associated with a new “Building” ??
Is there a way (how?) to delete an old program to leave blankpages for all the sub-programs (1 to 16)??

I could save my current program under a new file name, and then laboriously clear all the old code from the sub-programs, but this seems ridiculous.

Are programs associated with buildings or are they independent?

thank you

Here’s a new building to get started at Tab1, this is mainly to set a folder (at Tab3) on your PC for storing graphics and programs for the new building. Its also the domain name or IP address of the remote site (at Tab2) for connecting later on.

Next step is to start programming the controllers whcih will be on this site. Here is a view of my current network situation, a few controllers are online. Its easiest to program with the live hardware but you can also program offline controllers.

In my screen shot I would select the Nano at Tab4 and clear it out at Tab5 if there happened to be garbage from earlier sessions, or if its a new device you dont have to do this step.

From there its a simple matter of entering in the inputs, outputs, variables and start programming the controller at Tab6.

As you work you can periodically save your work to a *.prog file using the file save-as function.

While preparing these notes I see what the default folder should be auto suggested to save the program file under your previously created ‘building’ folder. It’ll be best to keep all the programs for your project in the folder showing at Tab8.