What programming language do the T3 controllers use?

What language is used to program a T3 controller? I’ve used a few with Tracer summit (Trane) but basically as I/O boards (which they work great for btw). I now have a project I wanna tackle which is a vending machine with 9 selections. I basically want to monitor one input (IN10? a signal from cryptopay or coin slot module) then when 1-9 button is pushed (so IN1-9?) the corresponding output is energized (OUT1-9). It should be simple but I’ve only done pcm and cpl (Trane stuff). The examples I see look like c++? Would be nice if there was a pdf or book with code syntax? maybe there is and I just can’t find it?.

We’re using a simple ‘control basic’ as its called which uses an IF THIS THEN THAT type flow. The PDF document you ask about is right there on the propduct page. You only need to deal with C++ if you want to cusotmize the T3000 front end or if you’re up for it in C, the T3 hardware itself.

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Perfect. Thank you! This helps.