How To Calibrate HUM Sensor - Temperature, Humidity CO2

I cannot find a way to calibrate the readings for my CO2 HUM sensors. I need to calibrate temperature, humidity and CO2. I have several sensors that are far off from the others and they need to be adjusted. Is there a guide for this or instructions somewhere? I can’t find anything on it.

We have added the user calibration feature in the more recent versions of T3000, please update that and also update the device firmware once you have updated T3000. You can download T3000 from the product pages or here’s a direct link:

Go to T3000 → help → check for update and follow along in the update dialog.

Maurice, Thank you for that. We already have the latest T3000 and the latest firmware. This was more of a question on how to actually do it. T3000 shows up differently for different versions of the hardware. But it is not clear at all “HOW” to actually do the calibration.

Can you please point me to some type of documentation on how this is done?

To calibrate temperature, humidity and CO2 on the input interface of T3000 software you can use the T3000 software, connect to your device over any of the available communications ports: Ethernet/Wifi/RS485 and then click on the inputs icon to bring up the inputs grid.

From there you just enter in an offset. If your handheld meter reads 50% and you see 45% on the device then enter a 5 in the the Calibration field and a + in the Sign field.


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Thank you very much Lijun. For anyone else needing this, you must have 9.0 firmware or higher or it will not work.