Watchdog - reboot feature

Is it difficult to implement a reboot function in the T3 units ?

I have sometimes some network errors (T3 is working but not sending data) and I want to know if you can add some instructions to allow the unit to reboot in case of such failure. Or scheduled.

I can manage a NC relay to cut the power of the unit, but an internal instruction could be nice.


There’s no reboot command but you could put a normally closed relay on one of the outputs wired to the power supply of the device and a simple program to trigger it on a schedule. Better yet you could log some remote parameter that should normally be changing, if there is no change for a long time you could trigger a pulse on the relay which will interupt the power temporarily and cause the reset.

There is a run time modbus register on all our devices for example, we have some clients logging this register from their master controller to trigger alarms.

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