T3-LB stops responding after ahile

I am having a problem with my LB not responding. It happens after a heavy day or two of traffic. When I power-cycle the unit, it’s fine for another day or so. What’s a little unique about me is that we are not using RS-485. All the activity is either hard-wired inputs or outputs and primarily BacNet-IP. If I could programmatically reboot every day at 1am I would do that just to keep it running. Is there a way to do that?

My T3-LB-Asix just stopped responding again this morning. I rebooted it last Saturday but it’s been running fine all week. One thing that happened this morning was a very brief 2 second power drop for the whole building. I noticed that the last time I power-cycled it, I had to leave the power off for a good 15 seconds or it did not want to reboot. So would a 2 second drop keep it from coming back on line? What do you think Maurice? If you agree with my theory and if the T3-LB is mission critical, would it make sense to put a little UPS on it? Would a T3-LB-Arm perform any differently under the same circumstances?

We havent seen this issue but will set up a test to try and repeat it. An uniterruptable power supply would certainly solve it but all our devices are built to recover gracefully from brownouts and power glitches.

Maurice Duteau