Virtual controler

I’m having trouble getting anything to work in the virtual controller. I read somewhere that not all the virtual controllers work. I just downloaded the latest T3000 from the temco website.

I think you are talking about this new database backend system we have just introduced: T3000 Database Backend

Today we released an updated version of this system which has improved online and offline support of devices. Please update your T3000 software to take advantage of the latest features and fixes. If you have any troubles show me some screenshots and I will assist.

To update T3000, navigate to Help->Check for updates ->Update T3000 .
The latest version is : T3000 Ver May 27 2022

Thanks, I updated t3000 software, made a new virtual controller but still can’t get anything to work. Just a simple START OUT1 doesn’t start out 1.

Yeah, that’s a limitation of the virtual controller. You can create programs, check the syntax and save them but its not actually running the logic on the PC. To turn the outputs on and off you’ll need some live hardware. We’ll get the logic running under the simulator one of these days. The focus for now though is building out a library of applications that you can cut & paste to new projects.