First steps with a virtual controller

Hello, I’m taking my first steps with the controller. I run software, loaded a virtual controller, configured an input, an output, a variable and wrote a very simple program. Attached I have reported an image with the whole data. I would have expected that manually changing the input value would change the values ​​of both the variable and the output. But despite having checked several times, nothing happens. Where am I doing wrong? Thanks for your patience.

Change out1 to auto.

Thank you Andrius, but also changing to auto OT_FAN1 it doesn’t work

Try this


The virtual controller is getting better but it still doesnt actually RUN the programs. You can edit, compile and send the programs but the logic wont be active till you load it onto a controller. I agree that it would be useful to run logic from the comfort of your PC, in fact we had that going in the very early days of this project when we were running under DOS (yikes its been a long time).

To Be Done: Enable the running of programs on virtual controllers.