Updating firmware & misc communications issues

Nano updates fine. The 8o can’t seem to find the file

Another strange occurrence. With the MSTP up and communicating, Ethernet still plugged in,
8o will drop MSTP, input status lights go out, heartbeat will disappear for 10 seconds, inputs light back up, MSTP will transmit/no receive for 15 seconds. MSTP will start two way comm
this lasts for about 25 seconds. Unit repeats this cycle over and over.

The T3000 software is not running at this time.
Pull the ethernet and it runs stable

Firmware Update issue: I am not 100% clear what we’re looking at here but I think you are saying the automatic download new firmware feature cannot find the new firmware for a particular device. If so you could let me know which device and we’ll check into it. Also you can manually download firmware for a device here:

Ethernet Problem: I will need a bit more info than what you have described. For starters you can send on the prog file and a quick sketch of the networked environment showing the communications you have going on there. I take it you’re polling the T3 controller from other masters in the system, it’ll be good to know the particulars of that. We may need to get a wireshark capture to go deeper.

Was able to download from ftp. I think the problem is one of administrative privilege
on this laptop and writing to /program files (x86)/.

Controller was up to date anyway. lol

Tried sending you a video of these resets. Today I removed I/O, MSTP and shut down T3000 software to eliminate any outside influence.
It’s defiantly when the Ethernet is plugged in.
Everything plugged back in except Ethernet, works fine.

Really odd.

Setup is quite simple. I have a ALC LGR1000 set with 38400 MSTP tied to the T3-8o.
Bacnet points are mapped and reading correctly. Just use the Ethernet for configuration
on the 8o.

Sounding like a grounding issue here, with all the various devices and power supplies connected there is current flowing somewhere in the network. Adding some earth connections to each supply in the system could help.

Here’s a sketch of what I figure is your setup. Add a couple connections to earth on the power supply (s) and RS485 at the Tabs as shown.

Just throwing this out there but perhaps the ground of the router or hub is at some high potential compared to your system. Try a different router if you have one. Show some info on the router and its power supply and maybe I’ll have some better suggestions.

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