Hi Maurice,
I am using the Tstat8 Wifi, Bacnet MSTP is ok but cant find the device over Bacnet IP, can you send an example of configuration to set the Tstat communicate over Bacnet IP?

There’s an adhoc wireless connection which you can temporarily connect to using a mobile phone. With Win10, Microsoft has disabled adhoc wireless connections so connecting with a phone is the workaround for now. Once you do the adhoc connection you can browse with the phone to where you are presented with a login page, the default username and passwords are admin/admin. From there you can set up the user name and password for the stat to be able to log into the local wifi lan.

We’ll work on something which is simpler, am open to suggestions from everyone on how to do something more elegant with this.

Once the stat is on the local wifi network it should show up from T3000 and also from the usual bacnet tools.

Update: Was informed by my crew that we dont have Bacnet IP on the new wifi stat, working on that now.