Tstat10 and connection failure

I have a Tstat10 on Wifi. I have installed the latest T3000 software and attempt to connect to the stat. I keep receiving and error window:

Connect to the device failed! No response from the TCP server! Please check the connection!

I can see both the stat and the computer on wifi in the router settings. Also, I can ping the stat. Thank you for any assistance!

I added the WIFI on my TSTAT10 using an RS485 USB connection, once that is uploaded to the device it works well. I don’t know if there is another way to add IP/Subnet/Gateway to the unit without the RS485.

Connect the 3 RS485 Wires (+/-/GND) to the unit, your windows computer should set the RS485 Port to COM3, power up the thermostat with 24v, then do a search using the DISCOVER icon in T3000. It should locate the unit and you can enter the network\wifi info under the CONFIGURATION icon, Settings, Communications. Hope this helps.

Yes, I agree, the wifi enable app it not too user friendly…