TStat8 for use on a heat pump

I just ordered a couple of Tstat8’s for testing. The website show that it can be used on a heat pump. I have read through the devices literature and cannot locate any reference to program setting for a heat pump. Are there any example of program settings for heat pump use?

There should be a few examples in this forum… if not I can do one for you now. Send a list of the IO and a rough sequence and I’ll whip up a config file for you. The Tstat10 is actually the way to go for new projects. There were so many edge cases for the Tstat8 that it was getting unwieldy to support all the custom firmware this required. Now with the fully programmable Tstat10 you can do your own custom applications on the fly.

If you’d like to exchange for the Tstat10 we can arrange that, just send us an email.


Exchanging it for the Tstat10 sounds like a good idea. Who do I send the email to? Hopefully they haven’t shipped yet.

You can find email coordinates on the website, about us, etc. Also when you order an item you get some good coordinates. We monitor them closely.