Tstat8 T3000

Hi, it’s possible connect T3000 to Stat8 through Modbus TCP Gateway?


the tstat8 can be managed both through modbus rs485 or bacnet mstp.

the WiFi version can be managed using both the rs485 connections mentioned above, PLUS it can also do both modbus and bacnet over IP (WiFi).

Hope I understood your question properly.

Maurice Duteau

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Yes, that’s one of the very functions of the T3 controllers, they act as a transparent Modbus TCP to RTU (RS485 ) gateway. You just send a packet to the IP address of the T3 controller along with the Modbus ID and registers to poll and the T3 controller will pass the message to the subnet transparently. If there’s a match with the T3’s own internal Modbus ID then it will reply with its own register data.

In addition to the transparent mode described above you can also have a look at this forum post which shows how to program the subnet devices using a T3 controller as a gateway. You write a program in the T3 controller to poll subnet devices and massage the data if you like, it operates like a ‘programmable gateway’. You can also use your own gateway if you have one in mind.

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