Bacnet Room Setpoint & Temp Display

How do I connect and configure the Bacnet Room Setpoint & Temp Display to a T3-BB? I tried the suggestions in TSTAT8 BACNET mode. My device also seems to communicate ModBus, but there is no way to change it to BACnet.

As fare as i know you can’t connect TSTAT8 to T3-BB by BACNET, you should use Modbus. I guess T3000 software works only with ModBus.

Try ModBus, if you configuring TSTAT8 from LCD menu, select RTU.

I do not have a TSTAT8, it is a BACnet Room Setpoint & Temp Display, part no RTS-N-LCD. I assumed since it has BACnet in the description that it would work with BACnet.

It will work with bacnet, but software T3000 works on Modbus. So easy way to connect RTS-N-LCD with T3-BB is with Modbus.

So the T3-BB and the front end only work with ModBus devices?? Also, I tried connected the Temp Display to the RS-485 Main on the T3-BB and setting the Main to ModuBus master, but the frontend software cannot find the Temp Display.

I see it as this:
T3000 is Using ModBus as native protocol, to connect to native devices on RS486 or Ethernet.
You can use Bacnet as well but then you have use registers. I would use bacnet only in case i need to have Temco and other hardware in one network, other than that i do not see the point.

Can’t say why your configuration do not work, check if Display set to Modbus (RTU) and all connected to rite contcts. I had problems with Tstat8, it contacts there week, so after i opened and closed case few times device simply lost connection to network.

Am still getting the hang of this new forum system my developer installed. Nice to see the discussion going on here without me needing to be in the middle.

Andrius is correct, the Tstat8 grew up as a modbus thermostat so the T3000 front end can only manage it under modbus protocol. You can still use it in Bacnet mode but you’ll only be able to see the bacnet objects which is a small subset of the whole system. You can see the bacnet objects by going to T3000. > Bacnet tool -> which brings up Yabe.

You can switch the protocol from the keypad if you get in a jam, hold the outermost pair of keypad buttons down at teh same time for ten seconds to bring up the menu system then scroll around with the same pair of buttons till you see the bacnet item and adjust it back to modbus with the up/down arrow buttons.

I have just asked my crew to enable full Tstat8 management from T3000 when its in Bacnet mode. More coming soon.

I do not have a TSTAT8. I have a BACnet Room Setpoint & Temp Display, part no RTS-N-LC. Since it has BACnet in the name I assumed it was BACnet and not ModBus. Is there documentation for this display? Can I change it from ModBus to BACnet?

Maurice, Thanks for asking your team to upgrade the T3000 software so that it can manage a Tstat8 in BACnet mode. Interestingly, I was attempting to do that and after being unsuccessful, came here to the forum and found this thread. I hope it won’t require too much re-coding to do.