T3-programmable-controller-on-ESP32 SMT32 Source code

Could you share firmware for STM32 here: GitHub - temcocontrols/T3-programmable-controller-on-ESP32.
I also read the bacnet stack, seem that you use open source GitHub - bacnet-stack/bacnet-stack: BACnet Protocol Stack library provides a BACnet application layer, network layer and media access (MAC) layer communications services., what is the version you use? 0.8, 0.9 or 1.0.
I use ESP32 on some project, the chip is good enough to build programmable product like your T3.

Here is the STM version of the programmable controller however this repo is on a sunset path.


All the new development work shows up here in the ESP32 version repo:


The bacnet stack that we use is our own stack developed over the past 20 years. From time to time we’ll fork some features and fixes from Steve Karg’s/Github’s stack, whichever version is current at the time.

Thank you for reply. So you are developing new “T3 Series Programmable Bacnet & Modbus Controller” using ESP32 to replace exist product? If yes, when it available and why? Because I have plant to use your T3 series after check the source code some of it PC software functions.
I also try to build the GitHub - temcocontrols/T3-programmable-controller-on-ESP32 wit ESP-IDF follow the guide but it not working, I use the latest version ESP-IDF 4.4.5, what is the version you are using?

The usual CPU we have been using is the ST chip, this will gradually be replaced with the ESP32. It has a lot more rom, ram and other resources compared to the ST chip.

Currently the only item using the ESP32 is the T3-Nano but eventually all our products will be switched over, this will take a few months but its slowly happening now.

I ask about source for STM32F030C8T6 on the T3 Nano schematic. You care using 1 ESP32 chip and 1 STM32F030C8T6

The ST chip is just for IO expansion. Like a peripheral chip.

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